Yacht captain charged for mishap

A yacht captain from New Jersey was blamed for a boat crash in 2015 that killed fishermen off the Rhode Island coast, said a report filed by the investigators. According to reports, the state Department of Environmental Management saw that seventy-six year old Cooper Bacon from Cape May, in New Jersey, United States, must have altered course or slowed down to avert the boat piloted by 80 year old Walter Krupinski of Stonington, Connecticut, reported Westerly Sun.

Krupinski had ended a morning of fishing and he was headed back to port on 22nd Sept., off Watch Hill, in Westerly, when the sixty foot Viking yacht functioned by Bacon plowed over his twenty-three foot yacht, mashing and killing him.

Bacon was adopting the yacht from Newport Boat Show to an event in Norwalk in Connecticut, before it headed off to start a new life as a Greek Island Bareboat charter. As per a report, he got a phone call 6 minutes before the mishap. The call lasted 4 minutes. The yacht was on auto navigation when the crash took place, said the report.

The account did not decide what caused the mishap, but developed 2 theories: that Bacon saw Krupinski but adopted the other boater would turn to deflect a collision, or that Bacon was perturbed at the time of the incident and he actually did not see Krupinski.

In either event, while his procedure was not thought as reckless, the report blamed Bacon, who did not comment anything. He was charged with wrong navigation, failure to take action to avert a collision and unlawful overtaking of another yacht.