Warmup Viper 640 International Championship

Viper 640 International championship regatta is going to start from 16 in November and before the start of this championship, royal Bermuda Yacht club in association with royal Hamilton amateur dinghy club hold a warm up match Viper 640 regatta.

26 vipers participate in this match. In this warm up match quartet Kendra Emhiser, Ted Ferrarone and Cardwell Potts and his wife Jennifer competed with others and won the match. They were from Larchmont Yacht Club.

The viper is accepted as an international class and thus the championship is being organized with everything taken to the international level. From the jury team to race officers, everybody in the event will be of international level.

The warm up match help for two days, however, the original match will go for three days from 16 of November to 19 of November.

Talking about the venue of event PRO of the event, Hank Stewart said “Bermuda is the best place for sailing and everybody is at home in the middle of November. So many players are already in place and this is going to be a big event for sure.”

Talking about the conditions of Bermuda water, participant of international tournament and winner of warm up match Cardwell Potts said “Condition in Bermuda at present is perfect for 4-up crew. This is the first championship and we are really excited to participate and win this.” He further added “We did well in the 2015 North Americans championship in our home water and planning to give good performance in Bermuda too. Winning of the warm up championship has given us more motivation”

In Viper 640 International championship regatta warm up match two races happened on Sunday and three happened on Monday. All in the northeast wind and flat breezes and seas, in the knot 12-15 range.