The Show Of World Sailing: 2018 12th Season Programme

A cat from Italy, a mule from America mule and a pocket rocket of Britain all are infringing in new territory with an urge to create a new generation which is extraordinary of machines for America’s Cup 36th edition.  So, now we are more to Monaco to dig out more. The fantastic start of a boat to the Route du Rhum was just the initiation of magnificent race across the Atlantic and now we are taking the story update where it ended last month.

The fleet of Extreme Sailing Series (ESS) in Mexico plus, took race results down the wire. We got to know from a medallist of Olympic and former winner of former Volvo Ocean Race about what is there in store when the Olympic Games comes to offshore. In addition to that, the dramatic Southern Ocean rescue of Susie Goodall was also an unforgettable moment of last month.

  • American Magic Mule for America’s Cup disclosed

For months they have been working in secret. They are working under the radar, are behind closed doors, American Magic has been sheltered away; they are the trial horse for America’s Cup 36th edition. But this time they have disclosed what they have been up to. Now, it is the time to vis-à-vis with Mule.

  • Final of Mexican Extreme Sailing Series

The Los Cabos, Extreme Sailing Series 12th season concluded amid great euphoria. It was visited by even countries hailing from three continents.

  • Offshore Sailing now in Olympic

After the last month’s news revelation that says the offshore sailing will now be included in the 2024 Olympic Games. We dig deep to uncover this news more and get more details. The Rescue of Southern Ocean and there are many other instances that took the headlines of sailing.