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No wind for Tauranga Yacht Race

Just 4 yachts crossed the end-line in this year’s Tauranga Yacht Race in Auckland. Tough sea conditions as well as a serious lack of wind pushed most crews to adjourn on the first day. Graham Vincent, race organizer, said that they have had similar conditions just one tie before this. But this was not this bad. By the end of day one all Auckland yachts had pulled out.

On Thursday, while the wind was howling, the yachts saw themselves without the right wind to compete pretty soon after the beginning. It was only Team Vodafone that sailed into a soft breeze, coming out of the Hauraki Gulf. It was more than enough for them to make Tauranga within the assigned time.

Three other yachts – Open Country, General Jackson and Timewarp finally made it across the end line. As the yachts which withdrew decided to come back home, the prize offering did not have as many people there as in earlier years. Those who were there made the most of this.

Graham told that there was a great atmosphere at the after race event and those that won got dandy prizes, like life jackets and high powered torches.

Meanwhile, the Annapolis Yacht Club last December has stated that they are expanding their 2016 racing calendar. To take part in the events, every yacht should have a PHRF rating. The club would arrange a workshop this Saturday, 2nd April, at the their Dock Street Clubhouse where a sailors’ group would assist boat owners in taking part PHRF rating applications.

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